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N’DOdO are the reincarnation of the group NO DODO who played gigs across the North West in the 90s.

They are led by drummer Iain Hunter and rhythm is very much at the heart of the band, which also features guitars and saxophones, and perform a blend of afro/jazz/rock


The original inspiration for the band came when Iain Hunter saw Dudu Pukwana play at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal back in the 70's. This sparked an interest in African music that has never left him. In the late 80's he formed No Dodo which played throughout Cumbria and Lancashire. The highlight was probably playing at WOMAD in Morecambe in 1990.

Iain reformed the band in the late noughties as N'DOdO, still keeping the same ethos of playing lively dance music based on the playing of the likes of Dudu Pukwana and Assagai, Osibisa, Manu Dibango, Abdullah Ibrahaim, and Oliver Mtukudzi. Pieces are also created by members of the band to create a strong musical palette.

N'DoDO Live Performance


Live at the Gregson

A short video of three numbers, Barazinbar, Skarabian, and Music for Gong Gong, recorded at the Gregson in Lancaster 2016

Henry Marshall

Our version of The ballad of Henry Marshall, written by Drew Gonzales for his band Kobo Twn



Free Download

A tune close to the bands hearts by Assagai, a band that included Dudu Pukwana one of the early influences on the band

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